St. Petersburg is the city of the 3 revolutions. This excursion takes place in the places of the revolutions, they will make you relive what have been the most important moments in history. The cruiser "Aurora" is included. (the cruiser Aurora fired the shot that gave the signal for the taking of the Winter Palace). The word "revolutio" in Latin means "abrupt turn" or even "upheaval", "coup d'etat" (French word).


During the revolutionary tour excursion you will see the following places:
- Gorkovskaya metro station (Maxim Gorky, the proletariat writer No. 1 in the USSR) ...
- Peter and Paul Fortress (political prison of 1820, among the prisoners were A. Ulianov, Dostoevsky, Radishev, Bakunin, Chernishevsky and many others) ...
- Kshesinskaya House (Here on the night of April 4, 1917 Lenin had a conversation with party members on the prospects of revolution and the duties of the RSDLP. Under Lenin's supervision the first meeting of the first RSDLP Conference in Petrograd was held. Conference of the Bolshevik party and meeting of the front and rear organizations of the RSDLP) ...
- Kuibisheva Street ...
- Cruiser Aurora (The taking of the Winter Palace by the revolutionaries took place late at night) ...
- Lenin's Sq. (The monument "Lenin on an armed car": "Long live the world socialist revolution") ...
- Lenin's locomotive ...

The third revolution, hopefully both the last revolution in Russia has been even deeper and much more serious than expected.

Undoubtedly the head of the Revolution was Lenin, Lenin's real name is Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov.

He was born in 1870 into a family of highly educated and intelligent people.

Vladimir easily passed the entrance exams at Kazan University, but very soon he was unfortunately expelled for taking part in the student riots.

In 1891 he graduated in law from the St. Petersburg State University.

In 1897 he was arrested and exiled out of St. Petersburg to Shushenskoye.

In 1900 he left Russia and started publishing the newspaper "Iskra". During the second meeting of the Russian Socialist Social Democratic Party (RSDLP) he was chosen as leader of the Bolsheviks (the majority).

Lenin was a supporter of Marx and Engels' ideas. He believed that capitalism was entering its final phase: imperialism and the main European countries are ready for the world socialist revolution. He strongly criticized the principles of parliamentary democracy and the division of powers, he thought that only through the dictatorship of the proletariat was it possible to build socialism and then communism.

……… .. On the evening of October 24, 1917 the Red Guards and several military units captured bridges and strategic Neva centers (post and telephone offices, railway stations). For only a few hours the city was under the control of the Guards …… ..

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