For many people Siberia remains a mysterious land, taking the big ring tour of Sayan will make you see and discover aspects of Siberia, it will go back many years. you will be able to discover how the Siberians lived in the past centuries and how they live in the present day. you will admire their hospitality, rich in traditions. A mix of cultures, peoples, religions from the Orthodox religion to shamanism. It will also touch nature, culture, traditions. You will see the Krasnoyarsk territory, the Tuva republic and the Khakassia republic

Individuals tour and Tour for families and Tour for groups Duration tour 11 daysfrom 2,099 € per person


1st day - Krasnoyarsk
Arrival in Krasnoyarsk, hotel accommodation. Walking tour of the center of Krasnoyarsk with visit to the V.I. Surikova During the tour, tourists will visit the museum-estate of V.I. Surikov. This solid two-story log house with all the furnishings and utensils inside, as well as the large adjacent courtyard with buildings, are preserved in its original form. It was this estate at the end of the 19th century that the boy Vasya Surikov left to later become famous as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. You are also given the opportunity to cross the most beautiful places in the city, breathe in the fresh Yenisei air, admire the exit of this mighty great river. Peace Square, the burial place of Commander Ryazanov, the Cultural and Historical Center and other attractions are waiting for you! You will see the St. Nicholas steamship, immerse yourself in its 120-year history, then walk along the promenade to the main square of the city - Teatralnaya, the Chekhov monument, the fountain of the "Siberia River", the Column of Apollo, patron of the Arts.


2nd day - Krasnoyarsk
Breakfast at the hotel At 10:30 am meeting with the guide. Departure for a 4-hour walking tour of Krasnoyarsk. You will visit the Chapel of the Paraskeva Fridays, the historical part of the city with its architectural monuments of the XVIII-XIX centuries, you will see the houses of the Siberian merchants and patrons, the monument to the founder of the city A. Dubensky, Theater Square, Museum of local traditions . Lunch at the city restaurant. After lunch, continue to the Krasnoyarsk pillars national park. You walk along the paths of the taiga and then drink tea in the hut of a real columnist. Dinner at the city restaurant. Kilometers - 80 km.

3rd day - Krasnoyarsk - Divnogorsk - Shushenskoye
Breakfast at the hotel, check out, departure for Divnogorsk. On the way, stop at one of the largest dams in the world: the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station. Lunch at the Abakan restaurant. After lunch, excursion to Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station, transfer to Shushenskoye village. Accommodation in comfortable rooms of the Shushenskoye Museum-Reserve hotel complex. It reproduces the customs and traditions of the Siberian countryside, the realities of peasant life of the late nineteenth century. Dinner with traditional Russian dishes. Access to the bathroom at an additional cost. Kilometers - 620 km.


4th day - Shushenskoye - Tuva (Kyzyl).
Breakfast at the hotel, check out. After breakfast, visit the Shushenskoye ethnographic museum reserve, where from 1897 to 1900 V.I. Lenin was in exile. The outdoor museum area is about 7 hectares, which housed about 200 wooden buildings: houses, shops, artisan shops, a tavern and even a prison! Packed lunch. After lunch, departure through the mountains of the western Sayan to meet the owner of these places - sleeping Saiyan. If you look closely, you can see it in the outlines of the mountains: it lies on your back, your hands crossed on your chest. The road to Tuva runs along the famous Ergaki Natural Park. You are waiting for wonderful landscapes. In these places there are almost no signs of modern civilization, hundreds of kilometers only steppes and mountains. In the evening, arrival in Tuva. Accommodation in real felt yurts created by the Tuvan masters in a complex near the city of Kyzyl. A Tuvan tea ceremony will be held for guests, where you will try traditional tea with milk and salt, learn about its history, listen to legends and parables about tea. Dinner. Kilometers - 350 km

5th day - Kyzyl
Overall breakfast. Departure for a tour of Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva. You will visit the geographic center of Asia at the confluence of the Biy-Khem (Big Yenisei) and Kaa-Khem (Small Yenisei) rivers, in a Buddhist monastery, the National Museum of Tuva, where you will visit the exhibition "Scythian Gold" - a real 21st century feeling! About 20 kg of gold objects found in the Arzhaan-2 mound are displayed here. After a visit to the museum, you will meet shamans who will dedicate you to the secrets of shamanism and answer your questions. Visit to local artisans. Lunch at the city restaurant. After lunch, you will be given free time for a walk, buying souvenirs. In the evening, return to the yurt complex and dinner with national dishes. After dinner, you will find the performance of the traditional Tuvan gorge singing "khoomei". Throat singing is the fantastic ability of Tuvans and other people of Siberia to simultaneously produce two or three musical sounds of different pitches and at the same time to draw them for 25-30 seconds without taking a breath. If you listen with your eyes closed, you cannot believe that these sounds are produced by a person, not by a musical instrument. After dinner and the performance of "khoomei" at an additional cost it will be possible to order a bewitching show: shamans shamans. This is a communication ritual of a shaman with spirits by the fire, accompanied by persistent sounds and tambourine shots. Those who wish can immediately make an appointment with the shaman to discover their future, undergo a purification ritual or inquire about their health. Kilometers - 70 km


6th day - Kyzyl - Khakassia

Overall breakfast, release of yurts. Departure of the road of the ancient nomads to Khakassia with a stop at Mount Haiyrakan. In 1992, it was chosen as an energetically strong place and consecrated by the Dalai Lama XIV. At least once a year, local shamans come here to recharge their batteries, strengthen and purify the spirit. Packed lunch. Walk, rest. After lunch on the way, you'll see the center of Tuva's Buddhist culture - the restored Ustuu-Khuree monastery - the crown of the Buddhist building in Tuva. There was nothing like him not only in Tuva, but also on the territory of the entire former Union. Unfortunately, in 1937 it was destroyed, but in 2012 it was restored and officially opened. You will pass the Sayan pass at an altitude of 2214 meters above sea level and will arrive in Khakassia, where you will spend two days at the "Snow Leopard" field surrounded by mountains and fabulous cedar taiga. Upon arrival at the campsite, accommodation in cedar houses with stove heating, dinner, meeting with the instructors of the Snow Leopard - fantastic people who are in love with nature, taiga, who know all the surrounding paths, which include the healing properties of the herbs. Late in the evening you will find songs with a guitar and sincere conversations.

Kilometers - 440 km


7th day - Snow Leopard
Breakfast at the base. Go on foot to the bridge of love in the taiga, which will surprise you with the silence that we are all missing. The suspension bridge crosses the Alpine Big On river. The river quickly, overcoming rapids and fractures, flows through the taiga of ancient cedars. Return to the base. Lunch at the base. After lunch, you can walk through the woods, pick mushrooms, berries, cedar cones, herbs. Taiga gives a different sense of time and a sense of unity with nature, which will once again want to survive. The pure taiga air heals, but the real panacea for all ailments is a Russian bath. In the evening you will find a Turkish bath with brooms of coniferous and birch branches, a source of ice in the Taiga river and a taste of herbal tea. Dinner at the base. Kilometers - 4 km on foot


8th Day- Snow Leopard - Yurt complex in the Kyug valley.
Breakfast at the base. Departure for the village of Casanovka, in the heart of Khakassia. This is a wonderful land, where right on the road you can see cave paintings of ancient peoples, mounds or stone sculptures of ancient gods. Along the way, you will visit the Hurtuyah tas stele - "the mother of stone", as the locals call it. At lunchtime, I arrive in the Kug valley, translated by Khakass - pleasure. Lunch in the Kyug yurt complex, located on the banks of the Askiz river between the Altai and Sayan mountains. Accommodation in yurts. After lunch, visit the Khakass State Archaeological Museum "Kazanovka". This complex is an example of how to relate to historical and cultural heritage. You will be shown 3-5,000-year-old cave paintings, taught to copy them on paper, and you can bring these rare souvenirs home. In addition, you will learn the purpose of the mysterious vertical stones that sprout from the ground throughout the territory of Khakassia. Dinner in the complex with national Khakass dishes. After dinner, performance by the national folkloric ensemble Khakass. Kilometers - 242 km


9th Day - Kyug Yurt Complex - Abakan.
Overall breakfast. In the morning, you will continue to know the archeology of Khakassia in the reserve of the "Kazanovka" museum. Overall lunch. After lunch, departure for Abakan, the capital of Khakassia. Sightseeing tour of Abakan. In the Khakass National Museum of Local Lore you will see a unique collection of stone sculptures - echoes of ancient cults and beliefs. It is believed that many of these statues have not yet lost their strength. Accommodation at the Asia Hotel. Dinner. Kilometers - up to 160 km


10th day - Abakan - Krasnoyarsk
Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for the Valley of the Kings, where there are about 30 mounds of the III-IV century BC. The highlight of the trip will be a visit to the Great Salbyk Kurgan, once built on the grave of a noble family from the Tagar tribe. The mound had a circumference of 0.5 km and a height of 11.5 m, and the weight of the stones in vertical position reaches 60 tons. A packed lunch will be held outdoors in the steppe. In the evening, arrival in Krasnoyarsk. Accommodation in a hotel in Krasnoyarsk. Dinner. Kilometers - 450 km

11th day - Krasnoyarsk
Breakfast with you. 04:00 Group transfer to the airport for flights departing from 06:00 local time. At 10.00 a group transfer to the railway station. If sooner or later you have to be at the airport, you can use an individual transfer (for a fee). This also applies to the transfer to the railway station. Kilometers - 50 km


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The number of people in the group - min. 8 people, max. 20 pax
The cost of the tour for 1 person. with accommodation for 2 people - (STARTING FROM) EURO 2.090,00


* transport services (minibus, bus), including group transfers airport (train) - hotel-airport (train)

* Accommodation for 2 people in the Krasnoyarsk Hotel 3 *, Asia 4 *, in the guest houses of the Shushenskoye Museum, the Snow Leopard campsite, the yurt complexes

* full board (including mineral water, coffee, tea, local drinks)

* guide services

* excursions

* folkloric programs

* entrance tickets to museums

* accident insurance and tick-borne encephalitis insurance

The price doesn't include:

* Air or train tickets to and from Krasnoyarsk

* luggage rack

* additional services at the placements

* shaman shambles

* alcohol

* tip

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