What to see in Armenia

The Armenian Republic, one of the Southern Caucasus, Eurasian, was part of the former Soviet Union, the first state in the world to be of Christian religion. The official language is Armenian, but many speak Russian.

What to see in Armenia

Armenia has many places to visit, including the Temple of Grains (Greco-Roman), the Khor Virap Monastery located on Mount Ararat famous for its pilgrimages, the Etchmiadzin Cathedral from the 4th century. seat of the Armenian Church, there is also an inactive Volcano on the borders with Turkey that we recommend to visit.

What to see in Armenia - 1

The capital of Armenia is Yerevan, located on the Hrzdan river at the foot of Mount Ararat, studies have found that Yerevan has very remote origins and is thought to date back to 782 BC. where before there was a military fortress.

What see:

Le Cascade: It is a marble staircase where fountains are located, these stairs connect the center of Yerevan with the HAghtanak Park where you have a beautiful view of Mount Ararat

The Piazza della Repubblica: (or Piazza Lenin) here there are many shops, bars, restaurants, banks, it is a meeting point, every weekend a craft market is held in the square, where you can buy many interesting manufactured objects local.

The National Gallery: an art gallery where paintings such as Donatello and Kandinsky can be admired, there are also religious objects, mosaics, and frescoes.

The Erbuni Museum: Inside the museum there are several "remains" including jewels, plates, jugs, weapons, armor from the founding period of the city, therefore 782 BC.

Armenian Genocide Museum and Monument: We recommend this place for everyone to visit. In this museum we remember what was one of the most tragic moments of Armenia, or the Armenian Genocide by the Turks, it speaks of 1.5 million deaths

Other to see:
The Statue of Mother Armenia, the Opera House, Blue Mosque

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