Detailed description of the tour
The city cruise is a trip around the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg in the “hop-on, hop-off” format. You can get off the cruise at any stop, watch the sights and then continue your journey on the next cruiser. Ticket valid for 24 hours. The city map as a gift.

Points of interest:
You can watch the main attractions of St. Petersburg in 24 hours. Our boats make 5 stops in the main points of interest in the city: Kunstkamera, Bronze Horseman, Summer Garden, the Lomonosov bridge and the Egyptian bridge.

No one scolds you if you delay as often as you do on excursions. Our boats are available from 11:50 to 21:40 and arrive at the various stops every 40 minutes. There are no boarding limits at the stops during the validity of the ticket.

The boat makes only 5 stops. You can choose your seat based on weather conditions; you can stand on the bridge or go inside. The audio guide in the chosen language will guide you along the way.

You’re going to see:

You will be ready for a journey through the main water navigation lines in St. Petersburg: the glorious Neva river, the Fontanka river, the Kryukov canal, the Moyka river, the winter canal. You will learn about the most famous places, monuments, buildings and museums so you can choose what to visit.

Neva River: you will see the winter palace and the marble palace, the old St. Petersburg Stock Exchange and the Rostral columns, the bronze knight, the Peter and Paul fortress and the famous summer garden railing.

Fontanka River: The summer residence of Peter the Great, the palaces of Sheremetyev, Stroganov and Anichkov.

Kryukov Canal: Mariinskiy theater, New Holland Island, St. Nicholas Cathedral

Moyka River: Yusupov and Mariinskiy palaces, red, blue and green bridges, Nevsky prospect.

After that the boat will return to the Neva river through the picturesque winter channel.

Stops and viewpoints:

Each boat makes trips with five stops. You can easily plan visits to the points of your interest with tickets that last 24 hours. the stops are:

Kunskamera stop (Old St. Petersburg Stock Exchange) –
You can visit the Kunstkamera, the Menshikov palace, the zoology museum, the academy of the arts, take a look at the building of the old stock exchange and the Rostral columns
Bronze Horseman Stop (Senate Square)
You will see the Senate Square, the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, the Hermitage, the palace square, the Admiralty building
Summer Garden Stop –
A wonderful opportunity to take a walk in the summer gardens, in the garden of Mikhailov, in the field of Mars, to visit the Church on the Spilled Blood and the Russian museum.
Lomonosov bridge stop – embankment of the Fontanka river, 64
We recommend taking a walk along the Nevsky prospect, take a look at the Alexandrinsky theater, at the Castle of San Michele, at the Ciriselli Circus, visit the Fabergé museum and the Russian museum.
Egyptian bridge stop (Cathedral of San Nicola Navarra) – Embankment of the Fontanka river, 138
At this stop you can visit the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Mariinskiy theater, the Trinity Cathedral, the New Holland Island

Important information:

The total duration of the journey is 1 hour and 50 minutes. Boats arrive at the various stops every 40 minutes.

This naval route is accompanied by an audio-excursion in 6 languages: Russian, English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

Tickets last 24 hours from the first boarding.

With your ticket you receive the map of the city that helps you move after descending into one of the areas

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